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 demon and angel pack

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Lady Willow
Lady Willow

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PostSubject: demon and angel pack    Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:28 pm

Once apon a time ,these lands where undividend , their where no angel or demon wolfs their where only 1 of each both of which stayed far away from the ordinary wolves to keep the treaty they had sighed millons of years before hand ,but one wolf changed this ,his name was DARKOTA..................................

Darkota was not allways a demon wolf he was an ordinary wolf who loved a young fae ,her name was Angeli ,she had the softest pelt and the lightest eyes .She was pure of heart and as far as Darkota was concerned she owned his heart but she was a lady the daughter of the packs alphas and he was told he was unsuitable to become her mate but she often snuck out to be with him under the moon.

But one night she went to see him but on the way she was captured by an enemy pack and was to be killed the next night . When Darkota found out he knew the pack would not risk their members for one she wolf who was not as strong as the rest he threw a fit of rage at the alphas and was banned from the pack.but he didnt give up. He went to devils hill to arrange a deal to grant him strenght but he did not know what would happen afterwards .He left to save Angeli ,he got there just in time and killed all the wolves who had touched her and torture the others.His coat stained in blood and his eyes gone red .To poor Angeli she didnt reconise the wolf and backed off she didnt know who close she was to the edge and she tumbled down the cliff to her death . Dakota leaped down after her in an attempt to save her using his dark wings but he was too late Angeli was dead his one true love was gone

Darkota blamed Angeli pack and killed them in a fit of rage.Darkota was lost to the darkness he was the 1st of the demon wolfs ,the wolves who where consumed with rage so deep it changed them , Being the immortal of his kind he lives on recuiting more to his pack ........

The years past quickly and after a few hundred the angel wolf saw the darkness that was now plaging the lands , she looked at the wolf Darkota had being the loyal and noble male she hoped that if she brought back Angeli Darkota would change back but it only threw Darkota into a fit of rage he tried to kill Angeli but Angeli was no longer weak she was the 1st of her kind and she was strong and fast she escaped and hopes that one day she can unite the two packs together for without darkness their cannot be light and without light their cannot be darkness.

pm me to join

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PostSubject: Re: demon and angel pack    Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:31 pm

Pm'ed you <3
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demon and angel pack
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