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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:01 pm


1.) Do not disrespect a Admin, Global, Or Mod; unless you have a pretty good reason.
2.) Try not to start arguments with other members
3.) We are all considered Family and friends
4.) Do not God-Mod
5.) Do not power play
6.) Never leave someone in trouble behind
7.) If you cheat and Blue is told you will be warned
8.) 3 warnings = Omega rank even if you are alpha you will be givin' the rank you had before; 5 warning = warned in which you cannot do lots of things and you will be pm'd about it
9.) If you are banned you do get second chances, so try and keep in contact with one of the members, because your password will be most likely only changed then when you return you can change it back.
[Advertising Password: "I am Accepted"]
10.) You can have as many accounts as you want as long as you buy them with points in the shops! :D
11.) You can Curse on the chat box
12.) you must be at least 11ys to join unless your mature to handle things


1.) You cannot start fights with your pack mates if so you will be warned
2.) No double posting
3.) You must have a bio, before you rp
4.) You can have pups, but they must be on a different account
5.) 2 sentences per post on Rp
6.) Up to 3 words on non Rp topics
[Affiliating Password: "I have read the Rules"]
7.) Do not be over-protective of your mate and start things
8.) Do not curse in Postings


-Secret code: "Im Home, were i belong" -
-Try to make as many people join as you can for better ranks!-
-Only pups can say if they want to be adopted in the adoption center-
-All pups must have a caretaker-
-Copyright 2013; do not copy any of our stuff-

-All apprentices must have a mentor-
-Do not spam the chat box-
[Sister Site Password: "I am a Sister"]
-you must be active at least 4 times a week-
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Forum Rules
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