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 Seth The Assain

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PostSubject: Seth The Assain   Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:04 pm

Name: Seth
Nickname(S): Sethy or anything you can come up with.
Accent: Southern, and a bit of Scotish
Age: 2 and 8 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Dire & Red wolf
Size: About the size of Anxiety
Anger, Sly, Cunning.

Personality: Seth is a wolf whom plays it cool and is calm. But he can be your worst nightmare for he used to be an assain. Ready to kill and fight the other to the death. He is no joke and takes things serious. He is the one you'll call loner, Casted out of his home land and driven to anger. He hates annoying wolves and will lash out very fast. No one has ever gotten under his thick furry shell but his sister, Aleera. He also is cunning and knows how to cover his bloody trakes and also is very sly. He also is full of argence, anger, and sadness. Don't underesstimate him for it could be fatel.

Description: He is red and white with a red main running till his powerful shoulders. He also has red paws that look like flames and on one paw is a leather ban. He is huge for his size and will use it to his advantage. He has pale grey eyes. better description look at Picture bellow.

History: Seth was born in a large pack. he was first born and you'll think he would get most of the attention. Wrong, he never had his fathers love only his mothers. His sister and younger brother got all of it and he only got one parents love. As he grew his sadness and hurt grew into anger and revenge for his fathers doom. When his mother died of an illness he grieved only to get beat by his father. One night his father gave him a scar on his left eye. That was the last straw, that night Seth saw his father go out side. He saw his chance and he followed. Seeing him by a pond did Seth jump him, killing him with unbelievable vilonce. Ripping out his throaght and slicing him up. Having his fathers blood on his maw and paws did he look guilty. His brother heard this and he came to see what was wrong. Seth was standing over the bloody body of his father and Kegan seen this he ran only to be killed himself. Seth knew his brother couldn't swim and he wraped his maw as he dragged him to the pond only to throw him in it. seeing him drown did he see the last look of sadness in his brothers eyes. Washing up did he go back home and slept with the visions of his killings with a huge grin on his maw. Waking up to his sisters crys did he run to her only to see she seen the slaughterd bodys of her father and brother. "Seth their dead! They where killed in a crazy... who would do this?!" She sobbed howling did she call the best traker. He sniffed the carcasses only to look up at Seth, his sister Aleera seen this and she grew wide eyed. "No he would never... Seth you would never do this?" She looked horror stricken. "Speak!" She growld Seth found it impossible to lie to his sister. "Yes. I did but i did it for me! I was beat day after day cause of him! Good thing hes dead. He never loved me only you and Kegan!" He growld before two other wolves attack him "Aleera! Don't do this! Im your brother, only family left!" He howld in shock as a wolf hit his head. "Yes but a killer" She growld before he blacked out. Waking up in the dungion did he lay there for his life sentance. A gaurd came and the pushed him to the killing. His sister was there and she told the exucter to make it quick. He moved over to Seth but Seth was not ready to die he snaped his jaws in the neck of his killer only to find a release in the chaines he slitherd out and ran to be persuded by wolves. He ran until he felt he was safe. Ever since he's killed wolves without reason and came to a pack called The tormented Souls Pack.

Pack:Tormented souls

Likes: Killing, being alone, the dark

Dislikes: Annoying wolves, his past, being castedout.

Mate: You all amuse me

Crush: Love is for the weak

Pups: Pfft, yeah and wolves will fly

Family: Aleera- Sister- Female, Kegan-Brother-Male, Serpent-Father-Male, Paige-Mother-Female.

Others: He has a handsome howl and is cute himself but wont find the love of his dreams.

Wanted rank:Eta


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Seth The Assain
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